“The Audio and Music industry is really built on experience, and getting this experience as early as possible is huge for the opportunities and doors that it opens once I’m graduated. One of our instructors at the Centre for Arts and Technology, Justin Gaudreault, definitely strives for each student to get the most out of the program by making sure we have the proper, and very relevant experience needed in our field by the time we’re finished our course. Justin is without a doubt one of the most helpful people that I’ve come across in a long time, not to mention, definitely one of the most helpful people at the Centre for Arts and Technology.!

I can’t count the amount of times myself and fellow students turned to his aid for problems we had while working in the studio, on school projects, or even on our own personal projects. Every single time, he’ll put aside whatever it is he’s working on to help us out.! He really goes out of his way to make sure that the students are receiving the best help we can get.

An example is when I was having an issue in our school’s studio during a recording session for a major school project. I called Justin, and he helped do some troubleshooting over the phone with me. When we realized that it wasn’t quite working, he came in not only on his day off, but as he was driving to his cabin for the weekend just to help me resolve the issue I was having.

I know, from my own stand point, that my work experience for school would be vastly different if it wasn’t for Justin keeping us updated on volunteer events, and just generally always being there to help with our problems, whether he’s physically in the school or if students message or call his cell phone.” 

— Justin Crane, Former Student at The Centre for Arts and Technology – Audio Engineering ProgramJustin Crane! 


“After a short time at the school I got to know Justin very well. I stayed behind being a novice to my choice of study, I wanted to get hands on as quick as possible so I asked Justin and without hesitation he said I could help out with “Tunes At Noon”. A small concert series put on by the City of Halifax showcasing local musicians. When Justin saw my enthusiasm he was generous enough to take a chance on me and take me under his wing which then lead me to help out with our schools fashion program final show that they put on each year, and the Seaside Harvest Festival, which he also brought me along for.

He gave me a shot, showed me how to setup and mix live sound and also made me take the helm on different events to lead the show, was I nervous? yes. Did I not only succeed but learn? I gained a lot of knowledge, real world experience and all of this wouldn’t be possible without him.” 

— Rahsaan Cromwell, Former Student at The Centre for Arts and Technology – Audio Engineering Program


“Justin dedicates whatever time is needed into helping students, whether it’s as a lab monitor or out spending his own time and money to give the students the experience they need. He has personally helped me on numerous accounts and has given me the chance to experience a real world situations outside of the classroom. Such as: Tunes at Noon, [PHASE] Fashion Show, and CAT Graduation just to name a few over the course of my time at school.

However, the most important one to date was for a 3 day film shoot out of town, where my classmate and I were asked to do the location audio. Being students, and our first time doing this type of volunteering, we had no audio gear and no way of transportation. Justin decided he would take that weekend off to be our Audio Supervisor and help us along the way. He supplied us with everything we needed using his own gear, and out of his own pocket he rented gear we didn’t have and drove us to the shoot. He spent the entire weekend with us answering questions, giving us tips about the industry that you can’t learn in a classroom, and making sure everything went as smooth as possible. In the end it was a great experience that I would never have gotten, and we even got future work out of it.

My educational experience and my knowledge gained from this course would not be anywhere near what it is today without the help and motivation of Justin. Any time, day or night, he’s there to answer questions. He talks to students simply as a person not an instructor, and he pushes you just a little more to make you realize and achieve your full potential. I can honestly say I wouldn’t be where I am today without the knowledge and caring of Justin Gaudreault.”

— Ben DeViller, Former Student at The Centre for Arts and Technology – Audio Engineering Program 


“Justin Gaudreault played a key role in my education at CAT and continues to act as a professional mentor. Justin lead lab classes throughout my 12 months at the school and went beyond his duties to ensure that every single student obtained the knowledge they need in order to succeed in the audio engineering field. No question was too specific, intricate, complicated, or impossible for Justin. If something was asked and he didn’t know the answer off the top of his head-which was rare-he would go find the answer and come back with an in-depth explanation. Justin seemed to thrive over gaining more knowledge.

It wasn’t rare to see Justin taking his personal time to go above and beyond and help a student that was having trouble. I would often observe one-on-one meetings with students after the lab period had ended; Justin was always available for help and would do so with such willingness and selflessness. On a personal note, Justin helped me with programming in an audio program, and answered any questions that I may have had (and I had a lot). I can honestly say that my experience at CAT would have been a very different one; an empty one without the constant support, encouragement, and infectious drive that Justin Gaudreault provided.”

— Carlyn Shaw, Former Student at The Centre for Arts and Technology – Electronic Music Production Program


“When the first week of classes came around I remember having a lab scheduled with
Justin Gaudreault once a week and immediately I was a bit nervous. I remembered hearing his name mentioned during the school’s orientation a month prior and got the chance to hear some of what he achieved while going to “CAT”.

I was pleasantly surprised however when I stepped foot into the classroom, Justin greeted me to the school and let me know that I shouldn’t be worried about my current level of knowledge as this would increase throughout the course of the program. Justin also let me know that if I had any questions he’d personally set aside his own time to help me out and make sure I have a firm understanding on what wasn’t clear to me before.

About six months into the audio engineering program we were introduced to the school’s main recording studio and it’s digital mixing board. We were told that it will take us a while to understand the digital console and how to record professionally using it. At first I was very intimidated because this was a big step from using an analog mixer and there were many more options opened up for me that just weren’t available without a digital mixer. The next time I had Justin for a lab in the studio I mentioned to him some of the issues I was having understanding how to use the mixer. Justin proceeded to take me to the very beginning of the signal flow and then going through it while explaining each step and how it ultimately affects the final signal that enters the digital audio workstation.

Throughout the months I started to become friends with Justin and I learned that we both make similar types of music. He was years ahead of me with the knowledge he knew about creating music but he would always listen to what I created and give me constructive criticism and ideas on what he thought might make the song sound a little bit more polished. He showed me techniques such as side chain compression, sampling, and correct signal routing. One of the biggest things Justin did for me to help me develop my music skills was giving me a template he had personally created that contained EQ’s, compressors and many other plug-ins all correctly routed and sounding amazing so that I could continue to learn on my own time.

Without the help I received from Justin Gaudreault while attending the Centre for Arts and Technology, I can say with confidence I would not have learned half of what I did and I certainly wouldn’t have a grade average in the 80’s.”

— Ryan Ferguson, Former Student at The Centre for Arts and Technology – Audio Engineering Program


“Throughout my time here, Justin “Grubby” Gaudreault has been a great source of knowledge and has helped me on numerous occasions. There hasn’t been a single time where I felt I could not ask him a question. Justin is very approachable and was one of the first people I met when I started college.

Like many people, I find it very hard to thoroughly understand everything about a new topic the first time it is explained to me. Due to this, there has been many times where I felt I needed an explanation on a topic or some extra hands-on experience to stay caught up in class. If Justin was around the school (which he almost always is), I knew with 100% confidence that he could either A; explain it in a way that I would understand or B; provide me with the necessary hands-on experience that would allow me to teach myself.

Justin is most certainty a driving force at the Centre for Arts and Technology, and has helped me become a much more confident and professional individual, which will benefit me greatly in my future career.”

— Brandon Greencorn, Former Student at The Centre for Arts and Technology – Audio Engineering Program


“I feel that in my time being at the school Justin Gaudreault has taught me as much as the full time teachers have, if not more. He taught me things like how to brand myself and what potential problems I may encounter with my endeavour, as well as giving me music production tips specific to the genre of musical interest. On top of all of this, he offers occasional work opportunities to his students when he needs extra help with something so that we may gain much needed experience while in school.

Justin is knowledgeable, talented, easy to talk to and really helpful. I would highly recommend him to anybody looking for anything audio related.”

— Kyle Creemer, Former Student at The Centre for Arts and Technology – Audio Engineering Program


“Justin is always a pleasure to work with. He is the first person I go to with my films because I know he will tell me exactly what I need for sound and he will get the job done. If there is a certain deadline he has to meet, he will work until the project is done for that deadline and the work he has done for me always sounds great.

For one of the films, he did the sound design and mix for the audio. Everyday he would have something new for us to hear and he would make sure that every sound was exactly what we were going for. He never complained, even when we were in the studio mixing the sound for hours and he is really easy to work with. On a different film, he mixed the audio and gave me good advice with the score. Within a couple of days he gave me the finished product, everything mixed and sounding exactly how I wanted it.

I always ask Justin for his opinion on the sound for my films because he knows exactly what he is talking about and I know I’m going to get an answer that is to the point. He doesn’t exaggerate what has to be done for the sound on a film, he is always precise and is very good at his job. He has done different jobs in audio for my films such as sound design, audio mixing and location audio. He has always done a fantastic job on every project he does and he will always be my first choice for audio on my films.”

— Chelsea Comeau, Former Student at The Centre for Arts and Technology – Digital Film Program 


Justin is a former student and current Lab Monitor at Centre for Arts and Technology. As a Lab Monitor Justin always goes above and beyond his duties. He spends countless hours outside of lab time assisting students. He often finds jobs in the community for the students to help build their experience and network. Justin also continues to volunteer his time at a number of events at the college. Justin’s talent and drive will no doubt take him far in his career.

— Shane LeBlanc, Manager of Student Success, Centre for Arts and Technology, managed Justin indirectly at The Centre for Arts and Technology

Since I have started at The Centre For Arts & Technology Justin Gaudreault has been nothing less of helpful. Whenever needed from late nights in the studio tracking sessions to early in the morning for things as small as what button am I not pressing to get things running properly. Justin not only helps myself but many students who aren’t even in the same field of study/work, he goes above and beyond what most would do and I would work with him anytime.

— Rahsaan Cromwell, Student, Centre For Arts & Technology, worked with Justin at The Centre for Arts and Technology

Justin is very knowledgeable, helpful and easy to get along with. His easy going nature along with his hard work ethic would be a great asset to any project.

— Zac Luffman, Student, Centre for Arts and Technology, reported to Justin at The Centre for Arts and Technology

Justin is an attentive, educational expert surrounding audio technology, specifically with Logic Pro. He is a selfless lab instructor who puts every student before himself in order for them to achieve their best work.

— Carlyn Shaw, Student, Centre for Arts and Technology, was with another company when working with Justin at The Centre for Arts and Technology

I have worked with Justin on a few different occasions. In all situations I learned an abundance of knowledge from him. Justin knows his stuff, and is very confident in achieving great results. Justin pushes to have efficient work with a high quality result. He is willing to help out anyone and everyone. Never a complaint about working with Justin.

— Sam “SaMuse” Lowry, Producer/ Live Sound/ Audio Engineer, SaMuse Audio, worked directly with Justin at JG-Audio

Justin is great at working with talent and effectively managing session work. He has high attention to detail and is always looking to exceed expectations. He’s a pleasure to work with and I would recommend him highly!

— Nick Sanford, Freelance, Self-Employed, worked directly with Justin at JG-Audio

I only had the opportunity to work directly with Justin a couple times, and he is always professional and a great team player. His talent in Audio continues to amaze me and he is very hard-working and passionate about what he does.

— Michelle Forsey, Marketing Coordinator, Centre for Arts and Technology, worked directly with Justin at JG-Audio

I have had the pleasure of working with Justin on several occasions. His work has always gone well above my expectations. His ability to balance requests and needs from a team of people has helped establish a new level of professionalism for Halifax runway shows. I will absolutely seek his services in the future and recommend him to anyone.

— Mitchell Stuart Gilroy, was Justin’s client

Justin is one of the most self- motivated and trustworthy people I have ever met. He is talented, hard working and works very well in a group and within a project. He also very resourceful and is quick to focus in on what is most important and work to making it happen. I look forward to working with him again soon.

— David Findlay, Composer, Musician, Music Producer, Recording Engineer, Overproductions/ Otitis Media, was with another company when working with Justin at JG-Audio

I’ve passed live sound work to Justin a number of times when I was unavailable, because I knew he could handle it. Justin is very personable, and knows what he is doing, which goes a long way in this line of work.

— Alex Ford, Audio Engineer, groundSOUND A/V Post, worked with Justin at JG-Audio

Justin is a true professional sound engineer and DJ. I have had the pleasure to work with Justin on a number of events and his positive attitude,work ethic, creativity and customer focus is second to none. He is my first call when I need sound production for an event.

— Patti Dow, was Justin’s client

Justin is a well liked individual with a wealth of talent. He brings quality and energy to his work. He is an exemplary team player and sets goals for himself.

— Mary Beaton, was Justin’s client

Justin was a volunteer for the 2011 Halifax Canada Games events at Celebration Square. He was always on time and ready to work. He is a great listener and even introduced me to Twitter! I would recommend Justin as a great asset to your team. Brian Power.

— Brian Power, CAS  was Justin’s client

I always found Justin to be dedicated and focus on the job at hand. He was key in fixing and improving some audio files for me, used in self improvement audio programs.

— Jacques Gaudreault, Technical Coordinator, Oceaneering, was with another company when working with Justin at JG-Audio

Justin was a tremendous help on the web series: ‘PJ Henson and His Amazing Space Adventures’, producing numerous sound effects, voice modifications, ambient tracks, and original music. Justin is very precise, organized, knowledgeable and punctual. Highly recommended!

— Graeme Pass, was Justin’s client

Justin is a pleasure to work with, he is very attentive and works with you to really produce what your looking for. He has great problem solving skills if you ever run into troubles with audio, he is the man to talk too. I highly recommend using Justin’s talents!

— Ryan Stinson, Filmmaker/Director/Editor/Cinematographer/Actor, SHORE ROAD PRODUCTIONS, studied with Justin at Centre for Arts and Technology

Justin’s co-operation and genuine participation in group discussion reflected the purpose and relevant nature of the Professional Development course. I appreciated his consideration of others, accountability and his sharing of experiences.

— Evelyn Patriquin, Professional Development Instructor, Center for Arts and Technology, taught Justin at Centre for Arts and Technology

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