“Cavalier – UV Mixtape Content”

Cavalier’s #TBT music series. Each thursday for the month of march Cav will be releasing some older content he has been sitting on for various projects that have not been released for different reasons.

“For the #TBT Series, We hear some tracks from the mixtape “Ultraviolet” which was about 80% complete when the track were recorded. The mixtape hasn’t and won’t be released but some content still needs to be shared” 

Mixed &  Mastered by Justin Gaudreault 

Download the EP “The Difference” from Grubby & Cavalier now
Follow Cavalier on twitter & IG @cavalier902

Published on 27 Mar 2014

Published on 20 Mar 2014

Published on 13 Mar 2014

Published on 6 Mar 2014

“Young Feller – Infrared Mixtape”  

(I was the producer, engineer for this album)


“Young Feller Fridays”

(I record vocals, remix instrumentals, finalize and post to the blog every week)


Week 1_(Welcome To Paris)         Week 2_(Knowing)               Week 3_(Cheers Remix)           Week 4 (It Will Rain Remix)


Week 5 (T.O.M.A Freemix)             Week 6 (Exceptional)               Week 7 (Friday The 13th)                Week 8 (Perfectionist)


Week 9 (Underground King)   Week 10 (Day Dreamin)      Week 11 (Bang Bang, Pow Pow)     Week 12 (House Party Remix)

“Cas McCrea” Artist demo recorded at Sonic Temple (Halifax, NS) 

(I was the engineer for part of this project)

“Zulkamoon”  Artist demo recorded at Sonic Temple (Halifax, NS)

(I was the Producer for this project)

“Sounds Outside the Lines & WaveAlchemy “  

Product demos (I created demo tracks to show what you can do with the instruments)



Don’t (Grubby Remix)     Prawn Smacker (Grubby Remix)     Drop Kick (Grubby Remix)     Voodoo Girl (Grubby Mix)

Here is a few compilation charts that my remixes are featured on.


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